Knowledge is freedom


Rioting throughout the UK, the 80s were a complete nightmare for the north of England and if you were in one of the marginalised groups you experienced the reality of  life in Britain not the illusion.  This was not isolated to the north and when it hit London the back lash was riot which spread back nationwide, how can we be back here again in 2011.  Recession, poverty, communities been destroyed and again questions of policing policies from minorities. This was caused by the 2008 crash, have we  travelled back in time, will we have another wasted decade before everyone wakes up and says enough.  Another lost generation, is this madness worth it and which scape goats will be found when the politricks are over.  This is the destruction of a nation has experience taught us nothing.

Where will the madness end, large sections of society gone mad and lost in poverty.  The cycle is damaging for all our children black and white, if we look back at european history the 40s were utter and total madness due to mass poverty and desperation are we repeating this.  The 40s were the after shock of the 20s where none effective policies were not addressed in time as the reality world wide was too incomprehensible to face until it was too late.  How far away from this again are we complete social melt down  in 2011.   Mass theft, poverty, recession and divisions in community.  Lawlessness and murder, it reads like a history book.   Are we waiting for the insane clown to appear or is he already here in new cloths, profiting from all of this with his own brand of madness.   We must break the cycle, end the politricks and start living together in unity.