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Stanley Martin Lieber – Stan (The Man) Lee

No not heroes the TV program, but very close.  One of the heroes whom I admire almost as much as my mother is Stan Lee yes I said  Stan Lee (Marvel comics) I grew up reading his comics.  I learned to read through Marvel comics they are so entertaining, it must have driven mum mad constantly asking her what does this word say and everyone around us, the comics bring back some fond memories of innocent times playing with Karl going to the shop with Karline and my sisters to get the latest comics and sweats how could I forget the cream soda.  It’s amazing what you could buy for 10p, the buck stopped somewhere and you could buy something with it comics cost 2p and that was a lot of money back then.   I remember the giant annuals been so big and heavy that it was a task to read them and the cost was massive 25p lol, fun times you don’t know how good they are until they are gone.  RIP Karline.

I wonder how many children he encouraged to read worldwide, what an achievement.  For this reason alone he is up their and his legacy will continue with new media as kids now grow up with DVD’s.  Over the years Marvel or should I say Disney keep putting out new films helping me relive my childhood with my children and grand children.  They don’t compare to the old comics even with 3D, but they are great.  The story lines are not as the old comics possibly this is why for me something is missing as you cannot beat childhood imagination.