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Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug with Google OS

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Google and Samsung have confirmed that there are volume issues with their flagship mobile phone the Galaxy Nexus.

According to one irate customer, the retailer he had hoped to buy the Galaxy Nexus from was out, and couldn’t process new order from Samsung. The reason given was that Samsung is holding all Galaxy Nexus units until the issue is fixed, though there’s no independent confirmation of this at the moment. A recall was mentioned by the retailer, but since Google has publicly stated that the issue is purely software related, that seems unlikely.

Well that is amazing only one major bug or shall we say additional feature and everything halts and the issue starts been addressed. Why did customer service not make better use of this and inform the customers as even one irate customer is one too many when this could have come across as a positive.

At some point the marketing will become as slick as others and then Apple really will have some competition on it’s hands.


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