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What are the 283 infringements of Microsoft patents by the Linux kernel

Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel.

In August of 2004, insurance firm Open Source Risk Management (OSRM) published a study that found Linux to be in violation of 283 issues, still not yet court-validated, software patents in the Linux kernel. At the time, OSRM identified 27 of the 283 patents as related to Microsoft.  Some of these patent violations relate to Samba, to address this issue Apple wrote new connectivity protocols implemented in Lion OS 10.7.x.   This has caused Apple connectivity issues with legacy equipment, possibly impacting on current sales of Apple hardware and software.

The current market in 201x is very strange, Microsoft are investing in Linux on one hand and releasing code to the open source community.  In fact Microsoft are one biggest supporters of open source, but they are attacking Android.   Is this because of Google gaining market share?

How much code / functionality has Microsoft adapted from other sources over the years?, will these patent issues damage future development?  Many years ago the SCO patent wars damaged Unix destroying companies in the process, leaving waves within the growing Linux market for years.  This actually helped Microsoft gain momentum and acceptance with its server products

Android has pushed Linux into the market place again pulling it out of the shadows, in times of recession an OS which is free and stable is great for everyone.  Future development and implementation will be damaged for many years to come after with the opening of the patent wars between the biggest players in the market.   Will this be another SCO?  What are the 283 infringements of Microsoft patents by the Linux kernel?


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    …it seems it’s being used the other way around…

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