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Free Kids books

Picture books

While browsing the internet I found a fantastic resource Free Kids Books the url is;

“Free Kids Books is a growing library of unique children’s books and literary resources available for download in a user friendly pdf format.

We aim to provide easy access to great free children’s books and resources, for the enjoyment of reading and writing, and to promote improved literacy standards, and thus improved lives.”

Books are separated in to categories for toddlers, children, and young adults, we felt this easiest since reading levels vary significantly between countries, especially those who English is not a home language. Toddlers books contain very few words, children’s books are picture books of short length, and books for young adults are chapter books with an occasional picture.

If you like the books, all we ask in return is that you please share them and your feedback with others, leave a comment about the book under the review tab, and share the site with your friends. And if you really really like the books, all are available as hard copies to purchase for your own child or as a gift.


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