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iOS5 Part 2

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Adventures of iOS5 continued, overall I have found this update to be very good.  Getting to the completed update has been interesting, the main issue I found was support; beyond a few YouTube videos what use are the uk provider  O2 Guru’s.  I contacted the provider O2 via Twitter over a period of two days informing them of an issue I experienced with the backup restore of purchased apps post update.  The solution provided was “execute a backup restore”, I then advised them this was the reason I contacted them and was offered the solution “that’s interesting”.  Customer service leaves a lot to be desired in most industries, is this the future?  Will cost cutting make things worse?

Back to the matter in hand after manually downloading 30% of the apps and music again I found the battery life improved.  Putting all the new features aside the improved battery life alone makes this update worthwhile.  The new features become a fantastic bonus, I am left with a couple of question the iPhone 4 is a great product why would I buy a iPhone 4s as an owner of an iPhone 4 handset instead of waiting for iPhone 5 ?  Why buy a phone that’s locked to a network provider?  I was lead to believe the main reason is support, the statement that’s interesting does not count as support.  At the end of this contract will they have answers, apologies or a PAC code.


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