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Total Finder is a Mac OS X finder add-on which brings many features to Apple’s standard finder application. Having used Mac OS, DOS, Unix and Windows for many for many years I have become accustom to many file managers and Mac OS X finder is very nice and easy to use. It does have a few short falls, nothing major but after using other file managers it does not some how feel that it is all that it can be. This is where third-party applications step in, this quick review is of Total Finder high lights one key feature. Dual mode, it does offer several more tabs etc which may be the star of the show for other users but I love dual mode. This application is compatible with Snow Leopard (10.6.x) and Lion (10.7.x), the product is not freeware a single licence costs $18.00. A fully functional 14 day trial version is available for download from

free licenses are available see for terms and conditions.

Thank you Antonin

I really love Total Finder the dual-mode feature is fantastic, why Apple did not add this feature by default is puzzling. But thankfully Total Finder is here to step in.

Dual Mode

Dual mode is a special mode where Total Finder displays two Finder windows side-by-side. It

is a view similar to what can be seen in classic dual-panel file managers. This is handy in

situations when you want to easily move files from one panel to the other.

Please note that individual Finder windows still behave the same as if they were individual

windows. For example both windows keep their own toolbar. The only difference is that

Total Finder places the sidebar of the right-side window to the right edge and syncs its

width with the left sidebar.

You may enter dual-mode by double-clicking a tab or pressing ⌘U. The selected tab will join

with the tab next to it and form dual tabs with two file browsers side-by-side. To leave

dual-mode double-click the dual tab again. The advantage of this setup is that you can

create multiple dual tabs and manipulate them the same way as single tabs.

With this add-on the feel and experience is more in line with modern browsers making it much easier to interact with the operating system as is the case with other operating systems like Microsoft Windows explorer. The add-on has many features which are documented on the website all of which I will be exploring over the coming weeks while I rebuild my system again post down grade from Lion

The product in the words of the author.

Total Finder is not a replacement application, it a plugin which improves Finder’s

functionality. This should also offer better interoperability with other applications which

usually expect Finder to be your only file manager. We’ve all seen those menus with “Reveal

in Finder” items, right?

Finder is not going away anytime soon and it has some very unique features like Time

Machine and Spotlight search. Every Mac has Finder installed. You are better to learn how

to live with it than fight it. Total Finder can help and make Finder work better for you.”


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  1. By the way, thanks to the intro to 2xFinder. Giving it a try.

    31/10/2011 at 01:58

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