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After the nightmare titled OS X Lion (10.7), I downgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to stay functional.  So today is the turn of the phone, the thought in the back of my mind is will iOS5 leave my phone with the performance of a slug and the sales man looking to talk to me as this was my experience post upgrade of an iPhone 3G a couple of years ago.  Is this to be the same with the iPhone 4 today?  Is Android the only way forward?

Let’s get started, the download was quick.  iTunes backed up the phone and the install appeared smooth.  The OS installed and I was presented with a blank phone, what a start.  Ok lets restore the data back on to the phone, this took some time which is no biggy and we should be up and running soon.   Well that was the hope, post restore still no data or apps.  I had to enable the down load apps auto’ to populate the apps what a bleep waste of my time.

Hopefully been their before with the lost data risk so I have alternative backup options and fingers crossed they will work as they have previously.

So far the experience is not great as we are not off to the best start, it’s a little early to judge but if this is anything like Lion avoid this update until they address the bugs.  If you cannot wait get an Android handset or relax perform the upgrade and don’t let the bugs get to you it’s only a phone after all.


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