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Kindness of a stranger

Last Friday I was in Leeds and a gentleman fell in to the main road and suffered a fit, two strangers ran over to help him.  Both male, one was black and the other was white.  They did a great job until the ambulance came.  Many others simply walked past and ignored what was happening, this is very poor only two people of a whole city stopped to offer help to this poor man laying in the middle of the road.  What is society becoming when no one cares?  I am not judging only Allah can do that, all I could do was offer help which was not much, as I am no medic.  This should hurt the heart of every human being as this could be you.

What’s the kindest thing that has been done for you?, for the man in the road it was the help he received from two strangers.  What of the kindness of a stranger, well I cannot say I have experienced kindness from strangers too many times myself and given what I saw in Leeds, the majority of the society need to take a long hard look at themselves.

Recently I was given a special gift,  a kindness from a stranger (blessing be upon him) and that kindness was knowledge for he sent me a free book.  This has opened my heart in these troubled times, a gift from a complete stranger whom is asking for nothing in return is amazing, in fact  beyond belief.

This great book is the Qur’an and you too can have one for free by simply going to the following website  this is no scam, hustle or joke this is completely free not even postage costs.

This wonderful kindness is the knowledge which you too can share with others


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  1. thevictoryofislam

    Alhamdulillah, I too have received so many kindness from the strangers. I got traffic accident twice, first was when I crossed the road and hit by a fast motorcycle. I was thinking if it was my time, and some strangers ran over me and helped to bring me to the side of the road. Alhamdulillah it was not so bad, just a little blood from nose and a little headshock, and I was able to go home on my own that time (if I’m not mistaken, they asked if I’m okay, and I answered in affirmative and I walked away to near Masjid). The second was when i fell from motorcycle taxi (ojek) because the certain part of the wheel ate my skirt. I was helped by some strangers and brought to hospital. I got hit on right face (it changed my appearance for some days or weeks) and had problem to move my feet for a while but I felt so grateful that what happened wasn’t worse than that. in both accidents, I couldn’t see and remember the helpers because it was dark in first accident and i broke my glasses in second accident (plus, i got hit on my head in both accident, so cant really hope much after the shock). May Allah reward them, ameen.

    28/10/2011 at 15:43

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